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Welcome to the Methylotroph Gene Order Browser. MGOB is an online tool for visualising the syntenic context of any gene from several methylotrophic yeast genomes. It is based on our lab's long established YGOB platform ( There are detailed user guidelines. Standard bioinformatics tools are available through the browser interface and the icons for each are explained on the help page.

You can start browsing immediately by typing the name of a yeast gene in the control console at the bottom of this page (e.g. MOX1). A list of the annotated centromeres in MGOB is available here.
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The Methylotroph Gene Order Browser (MGOB) reveals conserved synteny and ancestral centromere locations in the yeast family Pichiaceae
Douglass AP, Byrne KP and Wolfe KH
FEMS Yeast Research. 2019 Sep;19(6):foz058
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